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That time I bought online and got scammed!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Today everyone is offering cut-rate pricing and expedited shipping, but did we ever stop to question how?

The truth is, many online retailers are not product suppliers, experts, or even brick-and-mortar companies; THEY ARE MARKETING COMPANIES!

That's right! They provide what's called "affiliate marketing" which is essentially making a commission as a middleman. Their goal is to gain your interest with rock-bottom pricing from unproven manufacturers that need help penetrating the market.

For these manufacturers, it's a great deal! They only have to pay a commission when products are purchased instead of competing against the top-tier brands. For marketers, it's great because they don't have to carry an inventory, invest in expertise, install and stand behind products or account for quality.

Make sure when you're investing in accessories and products that you:

• Work with a company that will do everything they can to "Make it right"

• Knows their products, the values of each and benefits/drawbacks

• Works with vendors that are trustworthy

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